• Xanaland
  • Who Am I?
    Best known as "Stargazer", Seattle's Grunge
    Whisperer, Seemstress for the band, and fiancee
    to our beloved Andrew Wood. Xana continues to be
    a muse, and good friend to every and all creatures
    feathered, furry, or imaginary.
  • What is - XANALAND?
    An Internet Magazine, a world where everyone is
    medium gorgeous, every day is beautiful, Where
    music and art are treasured, and love is valued
    Because everyone needs to have a fun place your
    fingers can escape to.
    We are a social network within a medium of art,
    music, and interactive entertainment (live events,
    blogging, etc). We Support our community of North
    West art and music, and have a non-profit group
    "Shine" supporting our efforts to give instruments
    to the next generation of Rock Stars!
    At Xanaland we aspire to network and support fellow
    kindred spirits while responsibly documenting,and
    archiving this beautiful strange thing we call life.